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Distribution and population density of the Russian desman (Desmana moschata L., Talpidae, Insectivora) in the Middle Volga of Russia

Год: 2019

Авторы: Andreychev A., Kuznetsov V., Lapshin A.

Издание: Forestry Studies | Metsanduslikud Uurimused 71, 48–68

To date according to the registration work, the number of the Russian desman determined actually is 588 individuals in Mordovia. Based on extrapolation, the total desman population in Mordovia is about 1,400 individuals. We may assume that the most of the desman population is concentrated on floodplain lakes and reclamation canals. The highest density of the desman population in Mordovia was recorded in Krasnoslobodsky and Temnikovsky Districts (10.5 and 8.2 burrows per km, respectively). About 400 animals may live on the shore of the rivers Vad, Partsa, Yavas, Vindrey, Nuluy, and Kundybolka. The mean value of density of the desman population on the rivers was 0.9 burrows per km of the coastline, which corresponded to habitat quality class IV (0.5–5 burrows per km). The distribution of habitats across river basins is extremely uneven. The main part of the desman population is restricted to the Moksha basin (more than 1,350 individuals), and in the Alatyr basin (left tributary of the Sura River) just twenty individuals were recorded.

Тэги: Red Data Book, desman, burrow, number of individuals, river, lake, Mordovia