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The activity patterns of the Pyrenean desman (Galemys pyrenaicus) (Insectivora: Talpidae), as determined under natural conditions

Год: 1987

Авторы: Stone D.

Издание: J. Zool., Lond. V. 213. P. 95‒106.

The activity patterns of free-ranging desmans (Galemys pyrenaicus) on three streams in the French Pyrenees were investigated. Data were obtained using an automatic radiotracking system to monitor an animal’s presence at. or absence from, its nest site. Individuals displayed two distinct periods of activity during each diet period throughout this study (May July), a short diurnal period of activity and a longer nocturnal one. The daily onset and cessation of activity for all desmans on each stream was highly synchronized. Then findings are discussed with relation to prey availability and the social ecology of the species