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Home ranges movements of Pyrenean Desman (Galemys pyrenaicus) (Insectivora: Talpidae)

Год: 1985

Авторы: Stone D.

Издание: Zeitschrift fur angewandte zoologie. P. 25‒36.

The Pyrenean Desman is an aquatic insectivore, which is currently restricted by virtue of its anatomical adaptations to certain highly oxygenated streams in the French Pyrenees and Northern Iberia. This paper describes the movement patterns of free-ranging individuals which have been studied using radiotracking techniques. Adult members of a population exhibit a strong home range fidelity and Individuals appear highly familiar with their own ranges. Desmans are highly aggressive towards their conspeclflcs, especially to those of similar* sex. However, mutual avoidance appears to play an Important role in reducing the frequency of encounters between Individuals, as observed in the natural situation. A system of spatial time sharing between neighbouring animals is proposed as a key factor in the social organisation of the species