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Preadaptation of a Talpidae, the Desman of the Pyrenees Galemys pyrenaicus, G. 1811, to semi-aquatic life

Год: 1985

Авторы: Richard P.B.

Издание: Zeitschrift fur angewandte Zoologie. P. 11‒23.

Discovered by scientists in the nineteenth century. It existed only in the French Pyrenees and in some regions of the Iberian Peninsula. The dispersion area is continually seen to be reducing towards higher mountain regions. Population evolution: threats and protective measures to be taken. Presentation of the animal. Biological notes on the relations between individuals and aquatic space. Life rhythms and feeding habits. Reproduction and longevity. Secondary adapation to an aquatic environment: sensorial organs: vision, olfaction and tact. Themes of research: “olfaction” in immersion; detection of obstacles and recognition of structures and forms by means of tact in aerial and in aquatic surroundings