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La sensibilité tactile de contact chez le desman (Galemys pyrenaicus)

Год: 1982

Авторы: Richard P.B.

Издание: Biol. Behav. V. 7. P. 325–336.

The study of the tactile sensitivity of the Desman is continued here by that of performances in the discrimination of details perceived in relief or in hollow, on the surface of the objects. This discrimination is produced by means of the Eimer Organ. The study is based on the method of Operant Conditioning where the conditioned stimulus is tactile (a particular detail on the surface of the lids of the feeding boxes). The discrimination is very rapid and sharp (details under 1/15th mm). Discriminations is made according to their dimensions, their number (1 against 2) their form when dealing with important differences (parallel lines against criss-crossed ones). The small angular differences are not distinguished. A study of the discrimination of more complex forms is in process