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L'occupation de l'espace a trois dimension par le desman des Pirenees Galemys pyrenaicus, Insectivora, Talpidae

Год: 1981

Авторы: Richard P.B.

Издание: Boll. Zool. V. 48. P. 329‒334.

The Pyrenean desman, an insectivore of the Talpidae, is restricted to limited areas of western Europe, living in mountain torrents in “le Biotope a Salmonidds”. Being very small and nocturnal, it is observed only with much difficulty, which has been partly overcome by leg-ringing and radio-tracking. Here a laboratory method is used to quantify the animal's movements in soil and water at various levels from surface to bottom, as much in exploration, which is one of the essential motivations in animal activity, as in search of food, which with the Insectivora occupies much of their time owing to their high metabolism. The pertinence of this artificial method is queried in view of the observations made on the animal in nature or in captivity.