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La detection des objects en milieux aquatique et aerien par le desman des Pyrendes (Galemys pyrenaicus)

Год: 1981

Авторы: Richard P.B.

Издание: Behavioural Processes V. 6. No 2. P. 145‒159.

The Pyrenean desman (Insectivora, Talpidae) is a nocturnal species which can move without difficulty amongst the obstacles found in the mountain torrents — whether in total immersion or on the water surface — despite the fact that it is almost blind. The present experiments have attempted to study its capacity to detect obstacles at or below water level. Results have confirmed our hypothesis that the mode of detection is certainly not visual nor olfactive, but probably related to vibration, i.e. tactile and/or acoustic. This view is supported by the desman’s hearing capacity and by two highly sensitive organs it possesses, the Eimer’s organ and the vibrissae system.