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Le carrefour tracheen dans l'adaptation du desman de Pyrenees (Galemys pyrenaicus) a la vie dulgaquicole

Год: 1975

Авторы: Richard P.B., Michaud Ch.

Издание: Mammalia. V. 39. No 3. P. 467‒477.

The Desman ol the Pyr6n£es (Galemys pyrenaicus) is an old Talpidae, adapted to aquatic life almost since its origins. On the one hand it lias preserved Talpidae truces of its origins in anatomy habits and behaviour, and on the other, il has made great strides in its adaptation to aquatic life : it presents a spindle shape because of its long and powerful tail and its long mobile trumpet, which is the seal of all its contact organs. The strong hind feet are webbed. It has important respiratory capacities. It discovers its immersed preys by «olfaclive • detection. The tracheal cross-road allows complete separation cf the respiratory Iracts from the disgetivc ones us in seen In aquatic Mammals and in many young of terrestrial species. The Desman has a laryngeal stopper originated from the velum to complete the system. The cartilaginous funnel shaped vestibule of the larynx and the mucous stopper are adapted one to the other and are situated between two systems of air sacs one inside the velum and the other from the vestibule. The mucous is respiratory, cylindrical and ciliated underneath the funnel shaped vestibule and malpighian above it