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A French Conservation Action Plan for the Pyrenean Desman Galemys pyrenaicus

Год: 2011

Авторы: Némoz M., Bertrand A., Sourie M., Arlot P.

Издание: Galemys.V. 23 (No especial) P. 47‒50.

In 2008, the French Ministry of the Environment commissioned the production of a Conservation Action Plan for the Pyrenean Desman in France. This step was taken because of the Desmans population status, its restricted and declining geographic distribution, the numerous threats and the lack of knowledge about its biology and its ecology. The French Mammal Society (SFEPM) and about 40 partners drew up this plan and identihed 25 priority actions with three main objectives: 1) To improve knowledge of the Desman’s biology and ecology and of conservation threats (12 actions); 2) To protect Desman populations and habitats (3 actions); and 3) To structure a network of partners (volunteers and workers) involved in Desman conservation and to increase public awareness on the Desman and river protection (10 actions). The Conservatoire regional des espaces Naturels de Midi-Pyrenees coordinates this plan with a steering committee («30 partners) and a scientific committee («15 researchers). Approved in September 2009, the plan will last until 2015. It is supported by the European Commission and 7 other financial partners

Тэги: Conservation Action Plan, France, Pyrenean Desman