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PCR-RFLP identification of the endangered Pyrenean desman, Galemys pyrenaicus (Soricomorpha, Talpidae), based on faecal DNA

Год: 2015

Авторы: Gillet F., Cabria M.T., Némoz M., Blanc F., Fournier-Chambrillon C., Sourp E., Vial-Novella C., Aulagnier S., Michaux J.R.

Издание: Mammalia V. 184. P. 182–192.

The Pyrenean desman is a vulnerable mammal species endemic to Pyrenees and the northern Iberian Peninsula. The presence of this elusive species can be most easily detected by sampling its faeces. However, these faecal samples can be confused with those of other vertebrate species living in the same habitats. This study provides two easy and reliable methods for the identification of the Pyrenean desman faeces based on genetic analyses. The first one consists of a nested PCR and sequencing of a mitochondrial cytochrome b fragment, and the second one is an enzymatic digestion with endonucleases Atul and Sau]A\. The restriction patterns given by the two enzymes were found suitable for the successful discrimination of the Pyrenean desman from the other species based on species-specific sequence variations. Only one restriction pattern was found in the Pyrenean desmans collected in the French Pyrenees, suggesting a low genetic diversity in this area
DOI 10.1515/mammalia-2014-0093

Тэги: desman; faeces; Galemys pyrenaicus; identifi¬cation; RFLP