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Piriniotako muturluzearen (Galemys pyrenaicus) ekologia espazial eta trofikoa: kontserbaziorako funtsezko faktoreak

Год: 2017

Авторы: Esnaola F., Gonzalez-Esteban J., Elosegi A., Aihartza J.

Издание: IkerGazte. Zientziak eta natur zientziak.

The Pyrenean desman is the most special animal in the Basque Country. It is an aquatic insectivore mammal from the same family of the mole and in last ten decades is in a state of regression in most of its distribution area. The possible reasons of it regression are the division of the metapopulations, the habitat damage and the scarcity of forage. In order to assess the weight of environmental factors in the conservation of the species, we are studying the desman populations in Artikutza and Leitzaran. focusing on the foraging habitat and diet selection. Captured animals tagged with radio-transmitters revealed a very strong positive selection to rapids as foraging habitat. We are studying its diet also thanks to faeces genomics and comparing it with the aquatic invertebrate availability in those rivers. The residts may be very important for the management of this species

Тэги: desman, Galemys pyrenaicus, diet, habitat selection, conservation