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L'equipement sensoriel de la trompe du desman des Pyrenees, Galemys pyrenaicus, Insectivores, Talpidae. Etude en microscopie electonique

Год: 1976

Авторы: Buisseret Y., Bauchot R., Allizard F.

Издание: Journal Microsc. Biol. Cell. V. 25. No 3. P. 259‒264.

The study of the proboscis -of the water-mole shows the complex way with which it achieves its extreme tactile sensitivity. We have shown large numbers of Timer’s organs and vibrissae as well as Merkel cells, tactile corpuscles, laminar formations, fingered and non myelinated terminations and intraepidermic fibers. The morphological diversity of sensory transducers present in this organ assures detection over a very wide range of stimulus intensities. Such a highly developed tactile facility may compensate for the less well developed senses of olfaction and vision in the water-mole in its search for food