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Evidencias de regresión local del desmán ibérico (Galemys pyrenaicus) en los Pirineos meridionales

Год: 2015

Авторы: Aymerich P., Gosàlbez J.

Издание: Galemys. V. 27. P. 31–40.

We have studied the changes in the distribution and frequency of semiaquatic micromammals in the river network of Alt Pirineu Natural Park (southern Pyrenees, Iberian Peninsula) between 2000 and 2013 2014. The priority of this work has been the Iberian Desman (Galemys pyrenaicus) but we also evaluated the frequency in Water Shrews (Neomys fodiens and Neomys milleri) and Southern Water Vole (Arvicola sapidus), for which 2000 data were incomplete. It is the frst time that a diachronic study on the relative frequency of Iberian Desman takes place at regional level and using an identical method in the two surveys. The methodology was the detection of faeces of these species in 66 river sections, prospected in the two periods considered. The most common semiaquatic mammals were Water Shrews, present in almost all river sections (94%), followed by the Desman (45%) and the Water Vole (34%). We found an intense regression of the Desman in a river basin where this species was common in 2000 (Noguera de Cardós) and it is extinct in the upper basin of this river. This local regression is probably attributable to a recent change in the model of hydroelectric management and we started a survey to evaluate this hypotesis
DOI: 10.7325/Galemys.2015.A4

Тэги: Arvicola, Galemys, Neomys, semiaquatic mammals, survey