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El desmán ibérico (Galemys pyrenaicus) en los Pirineos meridionales

Год: 2014

Авторы: Aymerich P., Gosàlbez J.

Издание: Conservation and management of semiacuatic mammals of Southwestern Europe. V. 3. P. 37-77. Munibe Monographs Nature Series

We present a synthesis of the results obtained from the studies on the desman Galemys pyrenaicus (Ё. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1811) in the southern Pyrenees during the period 2000-2009. Distribution, habitat, activity and space use were studied based on the data obtained from faeces prospection in more than 800 river sections, 57 individuals marked with transponders, and 33 radiotracked individuals. Besides, studies on population demography and genetics were also carried out and are currently ongoing. Most investing results were: 1) The desman is absent from most of the southern slope of the central Pyrenees (aragonese Pyrenees). This is probably due to biogeographical barriers that did not allow a postglacial recolonization of the species. In fact it is likely that large scale absences occur for similar reasons in other geographical areas. 2) Within its distribution range there were frequent discontinuities at local scale probably also due to natural causes and not to human disturbance. Evidences of temporal fluctuations on species presence were also found at local scale. 3) Our results on activity and space use invalidate most of what has been previously published on these aspects; the behaviour of the desman seems to be more complex and not to follow a standard routine. 4) Evidences on a not highly aggressive and territorial behaviour were found. 5) Riverside shelters ('nests") were persistent structures of collective use, and probably of great importance for the conservation of the desman.

Тэги: Behaviour, distribution, Galemys pyrenaicus, habitat, monitoring