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Distribucio de Galemys pyrenaicus (Insectivora, Talpidae) a Catalunya

Год: 2001

Авторы: Aymerich P., Casadesus F., Gosalbez J.

Издание: Orsis. V. 16. P. 93‒110.

Results from scat sampling of 409 fluvial sections to establish distribution of Galemyspy-renaicus in Catalonia are shown. Presence of the G. pyrenaicus was corroborated in 108 sections along the basins of Ter, Segre, Noguera Pallaresa-Flamisell, and Garona rivers, whereas the species seems to be absent in the basins of Llobregat-Cardener and Noguera Ribagorjana rivers. Frequency of presence-positive sections was higher at the Garona and Noguera Pallaresa basins (around 45%) than at the Segre and Ter basins (around 20%), the minimum frequency being found at the almost independent sub-basin of the Flamisell river (8.3 %). While a minimum altitudinal limit, ranging between 700 and 1100 m, seems to determine the distribution of G. pyrenaicus in south-oriented slopes with Mediterranean influence, no elevation limit seems to exist at north-oriented slopes with Atlantic influence. The distribution of the species is not continuous but fragmented —either by natural or artificial causes— in nuclei of variable size differently interconnected. Within the Ter basin and Flamisell sub-basin, habitat availability is scarce and highly fragmented, which may confer a vulnerable status to the occurring populations

Тэги: Galemys pyrenaicus, Catalonia, NE Iberian Peninsula, distribution, frequency