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Current status of the Russian desman habitats in small rivers of the Don River Basin in Saratov oblast and the abundance of this species
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Год: 2013

Авторы: Oparina O.S., Filinova E.I., Sonina E.E., Oparin M.L.

Издание: Biology Bulletin. V. 40. No 10. P. 854−861.

Desmana moschata was searched for in the Don Basin Rivers within the Saratov region in 2009 - 2011. The habitation suitability of these reservoirs for the species was studied. Negative (for D. moschata) factors were revealed, and their intensity in different-type habitats was estimated. Small rivers, such as the obituaries of the Khopyr and Med-veditsa rivers, were found to be suitable for the species, however, no animals and even traces of their activity were found with the usage of various techniques. Nevertheless, we cannot state the absence of the species in the small rivers of the Saratov region now; provided that the species has preserved there, its abundance must be extremely low. The sharp reduction in abundance, down to full disappearance of D. moschata, is most probably due to intraspecific processes, to some factors of global nature, and to introduction of new species previously not peculiar to the ecosystems of the flood lands of the rivers in the territory under survey