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Analysis of monitoring data on the Russian desman (Desmana moschata) in the Oka state biosphere reserve in relation to the problem of species’ population decline

Год: 2008

Авторы: Okulova N.M., Onufrenya A.S., Onufrenya M.V.

Издание: Russian Journal of Ecology. V. 39. № 7. P. 510‒515.

Data on the effect of environmental factors on the Russian desman population of the Oka Reserve (Ryazan oblast) have been analyzed over the period from 1938 to 2004. Against the background of global climate warming, the number of desmans has decreased by a factor of 2.75 as a consequence of hydrotechnical amelioration in the early 1960s. Prior to amelioration, relatively dry, low-water, and cool years were more favorable for these animals; after amelioration, their demand for more abundant moistening has increased.
DOI: 0.1134/S1067413608070072