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Archaeodesmana baetica sp. nov. (Mammalia, Insectivora, Nalpidae) from the Mio-Pliocene transition of the Granada Basin southern Spain

Год: 2001

Авторы: Martin-Suarez E., Bendala N., Freudenthal M.

Издание: J. Vertebr. paleontology. V. 21 No 3. P. 547–554.

Archaeodesmana baetica, sp. nov. is a new water-mole (Desmaninae, Talpidae) from Purcal 4, a locality at the Miocene-Pliocene transition in southern Spain. It is characterized by a very large p2, larger than P2, and a p2/p3 ratio which is larger than in any known desmanine. Its I1 are bilobed. The premolars are very large in comparison with the molars, or, in other words, the mandibles and maxillae of this new species are greatly enlarged anteriorly. The new species is possibly close to the ancestry of Desmana.