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Phylogenetic position of the Gansu mole Scapanulus oweni Thomas, 1912 and the relationships between strictly fossorial tribes of the family talpidae

Год: 2015

Авторы: Bannikova A.A., Zemlemerova E.D., Lebedev V.S., Aleksandrov D.Y., Fang Y., Sheftel B.I.

Издание: Dokl Biol Sci. V. 464. P. 230‒234. doi: 10.1134/S0012496615050038

The results of the first molecular study focused on the phylogenetic position of the Gansu mole, Scapanulus oweni are presented. The analysis based on sequences of the mitochondrial cytb gene and five nuclear genes supports the monophyly of the Scalopini tribe including S. oweni and shows that two highly fossorial talpid tribes, Talpini and Scalopini, are not immediate sister taxa. These results highlight the role of morphological parallelism as a potential source of conflict between molecular and morphology-based phylogenies in Talpidae
DOI: 10.1134/S0012496615050038