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The story of the creation and monitoring of the Russian Desman (Desmana moschata L.) population reintroduced of in the Kerzhenets river floodplain in the Nizhny Novgorod region

Год: 2018

Авторы: Bakka S.V., Kiseleva N.Yu., Pankratov I.I., Tarasov I.A., Shukov P.M.

Издание: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. V. 115. 012036. doi:10.1088/1755-1315/115/1/012036

The article summarizes the results of creating the reintroduced population of the Russian desman (Desmana moschata L.) in the Nizhny Novgorod region in the floodplain of the Kerzhenets river (the left tributary of the Volga) and monitoring of its status in 2005-2017. In 2001-2002, a total of 51 individuals were released in the Kerzhenskiy State Nature Reserve. In subsequent years, the desman unhabited the floodplain of the Kerzhenets river 20 km upstream and 60 km downstream of the river. The number of reintroduced population was 35-40 individuals in 2012, 17 individuals - in 2013. Probably from 30 to 50% of the reintroduced population of desmans inhabit the territory of the Kerzhenskiy State Nature Reserve. Population numbers of desmans in the Reserve varied from 25 individuals in 2005 to 3 in 2015. The positive population trend was recored in 2016-17. Also the paper discusses the limiting factors, the relationship between desmans and muskrats. Now the number of reintroduced population is at a critically low level. However, it is essential for conservation of this endangered species. Recommendations for continued monitoring of the desman status in the valley of the Kerzhenets river are presented.