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Опыт длительного клеточного содержания выхухоли для экспериментальных целей

Год: 1964

Авторы: Барабаш-Никифоров И.И., Лакомкина О.А., Петрова Г.П.

Издание: Зоол. журн. Т. XIII. Вып. 10. С. 1572‒1575.

By the end of the fourth year of captivity the desman usually perishes with the signs of emaciation. During winter season the authors made an attempt to give meat ration instead of fish one; a waterbowl was included in the cage construction which prevented the animal from drinking water polluted with faeces. By the end of the year the experimental desman showed a weight gain and a good state of health. At the same time, the rhythm of motoric activity of the desman was taken under study, its requirements in food and water at different seasons were precised