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Надвидовая систематика выхухолей рода Desmana (Isectivora, Talpidae)

Год: 1983

Авторы: Топачевский В.А., Пашков А.В.

Издание: Вестн. Зоол. № 3. С. 39‒45.

A superspecific system of the genus Desmana G u 1 d. is tentatively proposed on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of new palaeontological material obtained during two last decades for a number of Neogene-Anthropogene sites in Western and Eastern Europe. After dentition peculiarities, the following subgenera are established: Desmana s.str., Praedesmana subgen.n., Pliodesmana subgen.n., Archaeodesmana subgen.n. and Galemodesmana subgen.n. It is possible that due to further improvement of information available some of above subgenera will be advanced to generic rank level. Archaeodesmana, Praedesmana and Desmana are considered as a continuous phylogenetic succession, whereas Pliodesmana and Galemodesmana represent parallel branches, derived from common trunk at different levels of the phyletic development of the genus.