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О вагильности выхухоли в связи с вопросом об ее ареале

Год: 1945

Авторы: Барабаш-Никифоров И.И.

Издание: Зоол. ж. Т. 24. Вып. 6. С. 379-383.

One of the main factors affecting the spreading of the musk rate are-spring inundations. The spreading of the animal is not only a passive one, but mainly an active migration цр the river due to a positive rheo-taxis. Comparatively distant migration on land were also observed. All this, as well as the inconsistancy in the choise of water bodies, makes an exact description of the area of distribution not very easy. This area includes now some regions in the basin of the river Dniepr, where the animal has been recently discovered.