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Копытные, лес и выхухоль в бассейне среднего Хопра

Год: 1975

Авторы: Рябов Л.С.

Издание: Бюл. МОИП. Отд. биол. М. Т. 80. Вып. 5. С. 11–22.

A herd of sika deer (Cervus nippon), acclimatized in the Khoper reserve has increased in abundance, due to a long absence of wolves, reaching by 1972 the number of the 2000 (average density in the reserve 117 deer per 1000 ha of wooded area). Besides sika deer the forests of the Khoper region are inhabited by elks and boars which also are increasing in number. The overabundance of wild ungulates and the added pressure of cattle grazing have an adverse effect on the woody vegetation and the young growth is already showing signs of strong degradation. Under the existing conditions no improvement may be expected in the desman population which is now in a state of depression