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Ложный гермафродитизм у выхухоли (Desmana moschata L.)
краткое сообщение

Год: 1967

Авторы: Иванова Е.И., Дьяков Ю.В.

Издание: Зоол. Ж. Т. 46. Вып. 9. С. 1417‒1419.

In 1961 in the Khoper river basin 2 males of Desmana moschata were caught with the anomalous structure of external genitalia. In the perineal body area of both males an additional skin anomalous praeputium was situated whereas the external praeputium of the penis was absent. The penis was displaced in the cranio-lateral direction when compared to that in normal specimens. All the main and additional sexual glands were found while sexual glands of the other sex were not found what allowed to regard these cases as a false male hermaphroditism